College journalism; on voyage with the new platform of writing
College journalism; on voyage with the new platform of writing
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The written language is powerful. A concrete message defies time, and for centuries has conveyed ideas and innovation well past the foreseeable future.
For the last two issues of Ewha Voice this year, our Overseas Special covers the decline of, and efforts to revive college press, both nationally and globally. As active members of college press, the universal decrease in college press readership is an issue that strikes close to heart. Flaming the fire in a press company with undeniably staggering public interest is a constant battle for those leading the staff.
However, we find hope in our belief in the written language. What is written, is an art. It is powerful and beautiful, if those who bring it to this world take the time and effort to carve it well. Its biggest potential lies in its ability to travel both space and time. This characteristic specifically, has been amplified with the integration of our writing and the internet.
Hence, we do not fear that college press is currently losing its stance in the college community. Instead, we are excited for the changes to come. Today, when we are unsure of what the future has for us, and of the decisions that will be the ‘best’ for us, the future of college journalism may seem unclear. Despite feeling quite in the dark, instead of fixating on, and feeling distressed about the lack of interest from the student community, we find excitement in what we can become.
An end of an era inevitably marks the beginning of another. With the fall of newspaper readership, other universities have begun provide their writing online. This, is the start of a new chapter, and it proves the point of how writing is here to stay. If one method fails, we seek another. This is how we have always done it, no matter how drastic the change.
Therefore we are triumphant to say that paper news is on the decline. This loss, will bring about new ideas, new models and a new way to convey information.
We are excited to be the ones to unravel the next era, and pioneer the future of the written language.

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