A Word From Our Readers
A Word From Our Readers
  • Ewha Voice
  • 승인 2004.11.02 00:00
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"As one of the most refined English University presses in Korea, Ewha Voice plays a significant role as the point of communication linking the rest of the world with Ewha. The readership of Ewha Voice reaches beyond the boundaries of Ewha to the "global village." In the future, Ewha Voice must take on the duty of stimulating Ewha to nurture a challenge-oriented and progressive spirit by transmitting the latest Ewha news to the world, and in turn bringing the world into Ewha at the same time. As an avid reader, I look forward with anticipation to the first Wednesday of every month and yet another original and fresh issue of the Ewha Voice."
-Professor Hahm In-hee (Sociology)

"As a newspaper that's suitable to the global world, Ewha Voice is a beneficial and efficient newspaper. However, although many reporters work hard, students have little interest. Ewha Voice needs to approach the students more familiarly and comfortably. Increasing readers paricipation and inserting more photographs rather than long articles could be a good solution.
-Ha Eun-hea (Psychology, 2)

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