Futsal Fever: first Futsal festival held in Ewha
Futsal Fever: first Futsal festival held in Ewha
  • Wee So-yeon
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Ewha’s first Futsal Festival was held from Nov. 11 to 12, with seven participating teams. All students were welcome to participate in this festival, including international students, whose teams won the tournament.
Also known as five-a-side soccer, Futsal is a match between two teams, each consisting of no more than five players, including a goalkeeper. Games are split into two halves of 20 minutes each where players try to score the most goals to win the match.
The event organizer, Ewha Ace Sport Marketing (EASM), consisted of a group of 11 undergraduate students majoring in Human Movement Studies. They planned and managed the entire festival as part of ACE Program funded by the Ministry of Education.
“There wasn’t anything easy from the start of the preparation until the very end of the festival,” shared Jeong Dong-a, the representative of EASM. “We had to check everything before the games, to double check what we may have missed. There were so many variables we could not have expected including the injuries of players. Handling such emergencies immediately was the most difficult part of directing the festival.”
Although preparing for the festival was difficult and time-consuming, Jeong emphasized her pride at seeing players enjoying the games.
“I want to thank participants who wrote comments on their SNS thanking our team for holding such an event,” she added. “They thanked our team for holding such an event, presenting them with a precious memory of their schooldays.”
Professor Hong Un-a of EASM and Ewha Human Movement Studies also commented on the festival.
“The main goal of the festival was to give students majoring human movement an opportunity to have practical experience in managing such sports event,” she said. “This will be a valuable experience for EASM, benefiting them for their career when finding employment. Moreover, we aimed to offer Ewha students a chance to express their athletic passion since the school lacks such chances.”
Special games and events were also held during halftime  between matches. Games between individual players, and events such as finding the player who painted her face most creatively with colored sunscreens of were also held throughout the two days. Sponsoring companies provided goods and prizes for the festival.
Among the seven teams, FC Qok, FC Qokboogie, Center USJ, FC EDU, FC Goalgoal, Highlight, Internationals, team Internationals, which is consisted of international students only, won the game, followed by FC Qok.
 “I am really proud of my team,” commented Jennifer Alfaro, the key player of the Internationals. “We were the only team with international students and I think that is why our victory is more meaningful. Other teams also did really well that we were glad to play with them.”

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