E;ffect elected as student council
E;ffect elected as student council
  • Kim Yun-young
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The election for the 2018 student council, which ran from Nov. 21 to 22 seated E;ffect as the 50th student governing body. Cha Anna, a senior Economics major was elected president, and Jeong Han-kyung, a sophomore in Special Education, vice president. The two were the sole candidates for each of their positions.
“We hope to create an Ewha where each and every student is heard and where our appeals are constructively resolved,” Cha said. “We shall change Ewha into an institution where students’ rights are kept intact.”
#1. Democratic governance system
The student council representatives pledged to hold public hearings with President Kim Hei-sook, in order to provide a forum for direct communication between the students and the president. Implementaing an interim evaluation system in which students can monitor the president they took part in electing was especially highlighted.
The two promised more student participation in the school’s board of directors. They plan on doing so by implementing a student audit system and creating an equal ratio of all board members.
Cha and Jeong are also willing to unveil the operation of the Overseas Centers, to be built in Shanghai and the U.S.
#2. Financial policies
E;ffect plans to expand overall scholarships, lower tution and abolish admission fees.
#3. Course policies
The mandatory chapel was discussed, a policy that many previous student councils have attempted and failed to change. Cha and Jeong plan to enhance the academic environment, through an effective course registration that enables students to take the courses they want, creating larger classes and demanding more faculty members.
#4. Student welfare policies
Improvement on student dormitories, study rooms, the campus shuttle bus, resting rooms, and smoking booths will be addressed to improve student welfare.
#5. Improving school’s public image
The two also plan to organize a consultative group to cooperate with the school’s Communications team to specifically focus on improving Ewha’s public image, which has long been tarnished on misogynistic websites.
They also disclosed ways to aid students with their careers by further developing the Career Development Center, expanding support for students preparing for government exams, and more.
#6. Cultural policies
In the newly elected student leaders noted that for the next Daedong-festival, inclusion will be emphasized, and student participation will be expanded in the organization process. Barrier-free zones, where students with disabilities can also enjoy the events, are also to be installed.
#7. Communication policies
E;ffect is set on making the student council a more transparent organization. It plans to share a monthly report both on and offline and publish a newspaper twice a semester to notify students of their actions.
#8. Human rights policies
The establishment of a student minority rights committee and a human rights guidelines that focus on women, the disabled, vegans, and more will better include minorities on campus.
“We will do our very best to build an Ewha community where every member is respected,” Jeong said. “Our endeavors are guaranteed in protecting Ewha students’ rights in 2018.”

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