Ewha volunteers spread love beyond campus halls
Ewha volunteers spread love beyond campus halls
  • Wee So-yeon
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Volunteers make kimchi and knitted hats for charity

The annual volunteering event of ‘Beautiful World by Ewha’ began on Nov. 6. Having first began in 2001, the event aims to help those in need through various charity events. This year’s event consists of ‘Knitting hats for newborn infants,’ ‘Sharing kimchi with love,’ and more.
‘Knitting hats for newborn infants’ continues until Jan. 31 of the upcoming year. The hats knitted by students will be delivered to newborn infants in need of warm attire in third-world countries. This campaign was organized with Save the Children, a worldwide organization which works to  guarantee children’s rights of survival, protection, development and participation. 
Students can apply for this project via Eureka, and receive hat-knitting kits from school. Students are to submit the finished hat by the last day of the campaign.
‘Sharing kimchi with love’ took place at the Human Ecology Building on Nov. 8, with about 200 students, faculty and volunteers. International students also took part in this cultural event, getting a chance to experience the tradition of Korean kimchi making as well as share neighborly love. Participants delivered 10kg each for 350 households in Seodaemun-gu. The recipients were mostly elderly citizens living by themselves or orphaned children. Afterward, the participants enjoyed a meal of freshly-made kimchi with boiled pork, a traditional menu that accompanies kimchi-making.
The fund-raising for the local community as a part of the event will continue until Nov. 24, and is open only to the faculty. The faculty members are free to donate money for teenagers of Seodaemun-gu in a form of scholarship. Last year, 12 million won was delivered to 23 teenagers.
In commemoration of the volunteer work Ewha has done this year, a photo exhibition was held at the 1st floor lobby of Student Union Building from Nov. 6 to Nov. 10. Its aim was to share the moving experiences of Ewha through volunteer work, and to motivate people into participation next time.
“I participated in the kimchi making event as it is a volunteering event, which I felt I had time for,” said Courtney Lejis, an exchange student majoring in communication & media. “Though it seemed quite difficult at first, I’ve learned the tricks which enabled me to do it more easily. It was a great experience getting to learn about the Korean tradition.”

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