Tenth anniversary of the pioneering Frontier Journalism School
Tenth anniversary of the pioneering Frontier Journalism School
  • Lee Tae-hee
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Established in 2007 under the Division of Media Studies, the Ewha Frontier Journalism School (FJS) celebrated its tenth anniversary this November. 
As Korea’s first journalism school and the first university to sign a MOU with media group SBS (Seoul Broadcasting System), FJS has been working in collaboration with SBS to nurture future journalists. 
“The tenth anniversary of FJS  means that we still have a far way to go in this program,” said Lee Jae-kyung, the Operations Officer of FJS. 
Differentiating themselves from the theory-based curriculum of many universities, FJS is well known for providing practical experience to its students. 
Their curriculum consists of specific courses such as news manuscript writing, broadcast reporting practice, interview article basics, and more. 
Along the year long process, students are given the chance to post their articles and products on the Story of Seoul website for the public to enjoy. They also strongly focus on implementing strategies for employment by media companies with curricula such as interview practice, group discussion practice, and mock test preparations. 
Professors from Ewha Division of Communication and Media Studies as well as current journalists and Program Directors regularly come to teach the students. 
With its thorough curriculum, FJS has successful active alumnae working in the field. One of the many alumnae, Journalist Lee Seul-gi, of the fifth graduate class of FJS, is well known for her first report of the Songpa three mother-and-daughter suicide incident and received a Samsung Journalism Award for her feat. 
Even though FJS has educated exceptional journalists, Lee expresses pity about the lack of professional journalism institutions in Korea.
“There is still a lot of work to be done to provide proper journalism education.” said Lee.
Apart from the valuable hands-on experience, FJS gives all-round support to their students until they are admitted into prestigious media groups. With such support, the alumni are now working in many media companies such as JTBC, SBS, KBS, Dong-A Ilbo, Chosun Ilbo, Korea JoongAng Daily, and more. 
With media platforms changing rapidly, FJS does not limit their training for traditional media outlets, but succeeds in preparing students for new media platforms such as Pikicast.
Ten years into its establishment, FJS still keeps its heads up in the game. Late this November, FJS is selecting new students for admission. Open to both Ewha and non-Ewha students who have passion to learn journalism, FJS encourages students to seize this opportunity.

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