Open meeting on school policies with President Kim
Open meeting on school policies with President Kim
  • Lee Joo-ah, Wee So-yeon
  • 승인 2017.11.27 16:42
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Six Ewhain Policy Proposal; administration responses

Students gathered at International Education Building on Sept. 20 to voice their demands based on Six Ewhain Policy Proposal for President, Kim Hei-sook.

The six agendas covered were: democratic policy, course policy, budget policy, livelihood policy, public image policy, and selfgovernment policy.

To discuss the policy, about 500 students and 30 faculty members including President Kim attended the open meeting. Kim and the vice presidents of each office answered the main questions and demands of the agendas suggested by students.

During the meeting, Kim stated her plans to increase the student representative seat, from one student to two.

Furthermore, for the Tuition Deliberation Committee, she claimed the difficulty of employing experts recommended by the students, as it would cause problems regarding partiality.

“School regulations state to bring those who are not related to any of the positions, including the school and alumnus,” she stated.

Kim also promised to build numerous communication channels such as anonymous online board where students can express their opinions freely and directly to the school.

After Kim, Vice president of Office of Faculty and Academic Affairs, Lee Gong-ju-bock, responded to the student requests regarding course policy.

“Although we couldn’t give answers to all opinions in this one event, I hope this is an important step toward a democratic school,” said Kim, closing the event. “We are open to Ewha’s opinion.”

After the meeting, students expressed some dissatisfaction.

I came to this event to ask what changes have been made after Kim became school president,” said Han Ga-eun, a junior of College of Liberal Arts. “I was let down by the officers’ vague answers. No concrete proposals were made.”

After the open meeting, SGA is planning to deliver as many suggestions made during the event.

“There were numerous demands that the participants gave us via online website, Symflow, during the open meeting,” said Woo Ji-su, president of SGA. “Not all those questions were answered due to delay. We are planning on sending official documents to the school.”

For the participants, SGA expressed their thanks for being seated for three hours and promised to endeavor for better Ewha.

“Although the space was small and started on the time when not all students’ classes were ended, many students came to the open meeting,” Kim said. “We thank students for the participation. This open meeting will be the starting point for better Ewha.”

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