Campus Oho safekeeps students’belongings
Campus Oho safekeeps students’belongings
  • Cho In-hyo
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Near the end of every school semester, students living in school dormitories get ready to pack and go back to their cozy family house. Their moving is however often disrupted by the hassle of finding storage for their campus belongings.

“As the dormitory forces students to finish packing all their belongings the day before I planned to go back home, I am often left with no place to keep all my things, which means that I have to take my belongings with me,” said Seok Si-hyeon, a freshman of English Language and Literature at Ewha.

To alleviate such problems that students encounter, Campus Oho provides a service in which they keep students’ belongings during vacation.

Campus Oho reaches out to university students who live in dormitories or by themselves away from home. It is a “live storage” that keeps extra loads during breaks and supports students on their moving day, complete with an online management system that keeps the loads safe. The loads are also managed in perfect condition, with 24-hour surveillance and an ADT backup system to keep the room temperature ranging from 10 to 28 degrees and humidity from 40 to 65 percent.

Oho Campus runs three operations: Oho Cloud, Oho Campus Service, and Oho City Center. Oho Cloud is a mobile application that allows users to check and manage their loads in real-time wherever they are, once they upload a picture of the belongings on the application. Oho Campus Service is a delivery service where an “Oho Man” safely delivers students’ belongings at the end of the usage period. Oho City Center is the storage center where all the loads are kept during the usage period.

According to Oho’s website, 17 universities, including Ewha, Sung Kyun Kwan, and Konkuk University, currently use this service. The service is gaining popularity as it is running its fifth round of services since 2015. Oho Campus installs booths for a couple of days in front of each university campus near the end of every semester for registration. The reason for the service’s popularity is its reasonable price. The belongings-keeping service for an entire school vacation is 12,000 won, an amount affordable to students.

Because of the many requests from students who wanted individual delivery, a single-userfocused service was introduced this year. To minimize any trouble for students using the prior Oho service that delivered belongings directly to one’s school, there is an individual delivery system that is a one-stop service in which Oho’s own physical distribution foothold, “Oho Man,” safely carries the loads from house to house or dormitory to dormitory.

“I am really satisfied with the service oho provided,” said a student at Ewha. “I was able to use it at a relatively low discounted price of 7,000 won because Oho teamed up with the school. Also, when I received my belongings after the break, there were no defects, and everything was in perfect shape.”

Oho Campus will continue its service to the participating schools later this year before winter break.

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