Large Companies Eager to Support and Educate Ewha's Talented Women
Large Companies Eager to Support and Educate Ewha's Talented Women
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▲ The Ewha-Shinsegae Building, still under construction, is intended to support Ewha-students who are planning eventually to go into the world of business.
   Ewha, founded in 1886, is Korea's first women's university with long history. Through time, countless outstanding women leaders were educated at Ewha.
   For a number of years, large companies have been contributing big sums of money for the construction of new buildings. Currently there are five buildings which have been or are sponsored by companies - Asan Hall, the Ewha-SK Telecom Building, the Ewha-POSCO Hall, the Ewha-Samsung Education Culture Building, and the Ewha-Shinsegae Building.
   Asan Hall (10573.02 square meters) costs 10,391 million won; Ewha-SK Telecom Building (6600.28 square meters) costs 10,789 million won; Ewha-Samsung Education Culture Building (17027.95 square meters) costs 16,380 million won; Ewha-POSCO Hall (18469.38 square meters) costs 20,467 million won.
   Shinsegae's Chief Executive Offic-er Koo Hak-su says, "We are sponsoring the Ewha-Shinsegae Building to lead in the cultivation of talented women entrepreneurs since Ewha is Korea's representative women's school. To Koo, sponsoring a building for a women's university is futuristic because women employees now make up a larger part in society. Shinsegae's other motivation for sponsoring the building at Ewha is to help women who are willing to devote themselves in bench marketing. The Ewha-Shinsegae building is 15627.19 square meters wide and the estimated construction cost is 15 million won.
   Each buildings' characteristics were decided according to the characteristics of the sponsoring companies. The Ewha-Shinsegae Building specializes in educating businesswomen. Asan Hall is Ewha's engineering building, and the Ewha-SK Telecom Building is responsible for jobs that require high-quality technological devices. Ewha-POSCO Hall is where courses from the College of Social Sciences and the College of Business Administration take place. Also, it is widely used for special lectures of famous guest speakers. The Ewha-Samsung Education Culture Building includes lecture rooms, a hall for special occasions, and offices of the School of Continuing Education and the Institute of Language Education. These all run back to what motivated the companies to sponsor Ewha.
   Koo says, "I am expecting Ewha to lead women in education and produce many more female leaders. Therefore, investment most definitely is not a waste."

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