Second Home for Independent Women Engineers
Second Home for Independent Women Engineers
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The Only Women's University with Engineering Majors
   Currently, Ewha is the only women's university that has a college of engineering. The College of Engineering was first established in 1996. There are four departments, Computer Science and Engineering, Information Electronics Engineering, Architecture, and Environmental Science and Engineering. The department of Computer Science and Engineering was established in 1981, while other departments were established in the 1990s.
   The educational aim of the College of Engineering is to train competent female engineers. The four aims are: 1. To produce highly educated woman engineers and experts to serve in the fields of science and technology, 2. To educate students in fundamental principles and further equip them with the ability to make practical applications through experiments and practice with modernized equipment, 3. To develop and educate women in the engineering fields in which women? capability can be maximized, so that students can become professionals in the areas suited to their aptitudes, and 4. To contribute to the development of science and technology through effective research activities.
   Shin Yeong-soo, the Dean of the College of Engineering, says, "Ewha is the right and best choice for female students who wish to become engineers or study engineering. Unlike other universities with co-educational systems, Ewha's curriculums are custom-made for female students."
   In accordance with the school's educational aim, Ewha students of the College of Engineering are trained to do all the hard and dirty work alone, without the help of male students. As a result, by enhancing their capability through different work, Ewha students are brought up to be independent in their careers. This is barely possible in universities with co-educational systems since male students mostly do the dirty and hard work. At Ewha's College of Engineering, female students are fully trained to be capable of any engineering jobs given. By doing so, students also grow the courage to explore new knowledge.
   Rhie A-rang (Computer Science and Engineering, 2) says, "In co-educational schools, women hardly survive since professors favor male students and therefore women have fewer chances to utilize the facilities. On the other hand Ewha students are all females who have been exposed to a similar amount of knowledge about our major, so competition between similar people forces me to study hard. Therefore, our ability improves. The strongest advantage in our system is that we work without prejudice and receive direct rewards for our effort. We can also experience various kinds of activity since we do all the work. We are able to find our own path."
   Generally females have less physical strength compared to males. Therefore most of the curriculums are set for mental activities rather than physical activities in Ewha. This is one of the strengths of Ewha's College of Engineering since other universities with co-educational systems focus their curriculum on male students; this results in female students facing many difficulties and not being able to participate freely. According to Shin, in the Computer Science and Engineering department, the curriculum focuses more on the software of the computer than the hardware since it is easier for female students to approach. Also in the Architecture department, the curriculum focuses on design and engineering rather than construction itself. Due to these curriculums, Ewha? engineering students have many choices in choosing their career.
   Currently Ewha's College of Engineering boasts its 100 percent employment rate for students in the Computer Science and Engineering and Information Electronics Engineering departments, and of its 80 percent and above employment rate for the students in the Architecture and Environmental Science and Engineering departments. In the year 2003, more than 20 students were employed at Samsung and L.G., which are two of the leading companies in this field. "These days, large corporations try to employ about 30 percent of female employees at a time. When they are looking for women engineers, Ewha students are their first choice since they are the best. Ewha university students are ready for any kind of hard work," said Shin.
   Since the history of these departments is not as long as that of other majors, the College of Engineering is not yet well-known abroad. Nevertheless, Shin has a strong belief that Ewha students who are currently studying abroad will promote the reputation of the College of Engineering with their determination and outstanding skills. "I believe that in ten years, the College of Engineering will be recognized for its curriculum along with other well-known majors of Ewha," said Shin.

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