Figures of Ewha, 2005
Figures of Ewha, 2005
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This column is dedicated to our graduates and professors whose public achievements in 2004-2005 contributed to raising Ewha's academic prestige.

   Ewha Graduates
   ◆ Professor Kim Sun-uk (Law, 75) was appointed last Jan. 4, 2005 as the first female Minister of Government Legislation in constitutional history. Prof. Kim is widely recognized for her scholarly theories of equal rights and her forward-looking views on female issues.
   ◆ Lee Jung-yeon (Ceramic Arts) won first prize at the “5th Hong Kong International Namyang Pearl Design Contest.” Using a 2nd class black pearl, she submitted a brooch named “Vincent Van Gogh.”
   ◆ Jang Ha-jin (Sociology, 73) was appointed as the country's third Minister of Gender Equality. Since her years at Ewha, she has stood at the forefront of the women's activist movement.
   ◆ Kim Mi-jung (Chemistry, 00) received the nation's highest grade on the 41st national bar examination. Seven of the 64 women who passed the exam were besides Kim, Kang Joo-young (Computer Science and Engineering, 00), Kim Bo-min (Medicine, 02), Bae Ji-hyun (Biology, 03), Lee Kyung-sook (Journalism, 96), Lee Myung-hee (Science Education, 02), and Lee Hae-jin (Computer Science and Engineering, 97).
   ◆ Lee Sung-hyun (Political Science, 4) and Jun Chae-gyung (Political Science, 4) won the Leadership and the Popularity Award at the 2004 United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific Conference (UNESCAP), which was held in Beijing last July.

   Ewha Professors
   ◆ Professor Cho Ki-suk (International Studies) has been appointed on Feb. 25, 2005 as President Roh's new Senior Secretary of Public Information. In a news briefing, a spokesman praised Prof. Cho's ability to understand and analyze state affairs and her long career of contributions to the political community.
   ◆ Professor Wu Jeong-weon (Nano Sciences) presented a new form of liquid crystal display at an exhibition which was held at COEX last Feb. 21, 2005. His research has been published in "Advanced Materials," a biweekly international journal of materials science.
   ◆ Professor Choi Won-mog (Law) was appointed by "The Journal of International Economic Law" as editor last Oct. 14. Prof. Choi will be joining the editorial board for six years along with four other editors also selected from Asia.
   ◆ Professor Hah Jong-sik (Medicine) has appeared for a third year in the internationally renowned biographical dictionary, ?arquis Who? Who in the World for 2005.
   ◆ Professor Park Hyun-seok (Computer Science and Engineering) has successfully developed a "Super-alcohol bacteria," a biological way of producing ethanol through his ?esearch on the Genome of the Ethanol Producing Bacter, Zymomonas. His work is to be published in the international journal, "Nature Biotechnology."
   ◆ Professor Hong Soon-tae (Science Education) has been listed in the internationally renowned biographical dictionary, "Marquis Who? Who in Science and Engineering" for 2005-2006.
   ◆ Professor Yang Jong-mann (Natural Sciences: Physics) was recruited as an official member of the Korean Academy of Science and Technology last Nov. 19.
   ◆ Professor Kim Kyu-han (Science Education) discovered the world's youngest granite stone in Ulleungdo. The granite stone of Ulleungdo was formed about 620,000 years ago.

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