Dealing with stress
Dealing with stress
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Many people today face a number of stressful situations in their lives. The stress could be caused by many different factors - studies, grades, workplaces, or even social relations. It would be nice if they can enjoy what they are doing, but life is not always like that. The stress may harm their mentality, thus leading them to depression or an inefficient state of mind. In regard to this, I would like to introduce two ways to get rid of the stress from work. 
The first way to manage stress is to award yourself after you finish your work. If you have to do the work anyway, there is no way to escape it. Instead, you can set up a goal that would compensate your effort and give you some motivation to do it. This goal could be very simple: buying clothes or cosmetics after you finish a three-week project, having dinner at a nice place after you study hard for a midterm exam or even having a bite of chocolate after you write a paragraph of your paper. By thinking of the award, you would be better able to bear the boredom and  pain you get during the work. 
The other way to deal with your stress is to avoid unnecessary workloads. If you look over your to-do list, there will be some things that are not as important as you think. You may feel like you have to do it because it gives you some benefits, or because it's what everyone else is doing. It would be very good if you could be rewarded in every work you do.
However, if that’s not the case, it is much better for you to stop and put your effort into something you can enjoy. In today’s society where hard work is considered a virtue, many may  not understand this, or not like the phrase “to give up’.” However, once you realize that the stress from the work outweighs a sense of accomplishment, and the stress you get from unnecessary work pulls you down from doing the things you really have to do, avoidance will not result in a serious consequence, but instead keep yourself calm. This will further help you have an eye to distinguish what is really important and what is unnecessary.
The ways above are not always right or may not be appropriate in some occasions. However, they will help you  manage your stress and ensure you live a happy life. I hope that people get more freedom in their mind and find joy in their lives.

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