Bon Appétit Cafeteria of Engineering Building shares secret to ranging popularity on campus
Bon Appétit Cafeteria of Engineering Building shares secret to ranging popularity on campus
  • Jang Min-jeong
  • 승인 2017.04.24 12:15
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A cafeteria in the New Engineering Building (NEB) has fast become one of the most popular places to grab lunch on campus. Despite the building’s inconvenient location, far off over the hilltops, many students visit this particular cafeteria to have lunch. 
Established in 2010 in the NEB, the cafeteria has gained popularity through its flavors and high-quality service. To find out the secret behind its popularity, Ewha Voice sneaked into the kitchen, where the magic was being cooked..
In the kitchen, their first attraction, a wide variety of different menus, was being prepared. Students are provided with unique dishes that are not found in other cafeterias with fixed menus. The menus include gomtang, a beef bone soup, dumpling stew, and sujebi, hand-pulled dough soup.
However, what good is a special menu if the flavor is off? Nutritionist Yu Ji-eun takes care of  that problem by tasting all the food herself, making sure only the best make it to the table. 
“I try to offer the best food, so I often test the food while it is being prepared,” said Yu. 
She also makes sure that a variety of choices are always offered to meet the tastes of different people.
“During lunch hours, we mostly get students who prefer various rice bowls, noodle soup, or fried dishes like pork cutlet. On the other hand, in the later afternoon, professors and other faculty members visit the cafeteria, with an appetite for a more traditional Korean dish. So I differentiate the menu considering the time and the visitors.” 
Despite its less accessible location, many still visit the cafeteria due to its acclaimed dishes. 
“About 200 people visit this cafeteria on a regular basis and sometimes we even get visitors from outside of the school,” Yu said. “I think managing the menu here is easier because of the smaller number of visitors compared to other cafeterias.”
The main secret behind the popularity of the NEB cafeteria was found in the corner of the cafeteria. There, students were freely writing their opinions and giving feedback of the meals that they just had on a board. Opinions varied from students' favorite dishes to their suggestions-. 
“We had put up a board in order to see what students think of the food,” Yu said. “They usually make comments on their meal, as to whether they liked it or not. Some even suggest different menus or ask us to up the portion, and so on.”
Yu also added that she really cares about the comments and tries to reflect their suggestions by telling the comments to the cooks. 
A student at the cafeteria expressed her deep satisfaction toward the NEB cafeteria. 
“I have heard of the quality of the food here on many occasions,” said Kim Geun-hye, a junior in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering. “Even my friends in different departments know about the delicious menus and the quality food in this cafeteria. I think the diverse set of menus that changes every day is especially what I like about this cafeteria.”


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