Academic management regulations reinforced after Chung’s departure
Academic management regulations reinforced after Chung’s departure
  • Shin Hyo-jae
  • 승인 2017.04.24 12:06
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To remedy flaws in the recent academic affairs revealed by Chung Yoo-ra’s admission scandal, sports department is now in the process of planning new management regulations for student athletes. 
New plans to codify and clarify academic affairs management was announced on March 20, and the new measures include the implementation of academic affairs management committees and distribution of manuals to the faculty and staff. 
An academic affairs management committee will be created in College of Science and Industry Convergence where sports department is located. The committee will supervise student athletes’ academic affairs, supervising its management. Additional manuals will be distributed to the department faculty and staff once the specifics are determined. 
These measures were taken in response to the request for a fair and transparent  academic administration made by the Ministry of Education  along with Ewha’s own internal ethics committee. Some view it as a rather hasty decision in response to the Chung Yoo-ra’s admissions.
Regarding such concerns, Won Hyung-joong, the dean of Department of Kinesiology and Sports Studies, stated that the decision was made with much thought and caution.
“Although it seems to indicate that the department is enacting new regulations and undergoing drastic change, its fundamental focus is on the clarification of already existing regulations,” Won commented. 
The aftermath of Chung’s illicit admission extends far beyond College of Science and Industry Convergence. Stricter attendance management has followed the uproar caused by Chung’s high grades despite her continued absence. 
The regulations have become more detailed as well as rigorous, specifically listing guidelines for accommodating absences. Now, only medical reports issued by general hospitals will be accountable, and absence due to school events are limited to those approved by the president. 
In addition to the new regulation, there are cases where some professors call attendance once at the beginning, and again at the end of the class, to check that students are present throughout the whole lesson. Due to such limitations and additional care needed, students criticize that it disregards many inevitable situations.
“The system is so much less flexible now,” said a junior from College of Engineering. “For some students, their classes finish after hospital working hours, and are unable to receive adequate treatment at the right time. Too much time and effort is being spent on managing attendance, such a minute matter.”
“The regulations may seem harsher, but we simply clarified the existing regulations,” explained Academic Affairs. “Before, professors were allowed more flexibility regarding attendance, and the revised regulations have only codified the specific standards for such excuse.” 
As the school is still in the early stages of planning academic affairs management and implementation of attendance regulations, the school is willing to adjust according to student response. 
“Since it has been less than a year from its execution, we are still observing its effectiveness,” said Academic Affairs. “At the same time, we are constantly looking out for any necessary refurbishments.”


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