Ewha ROTC cadets participate in their first military training
Ewha ROTC cadets participate in their first military training
  • Lee Tae-hee
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Ewha’s Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) concluded their first winter military training throughout February and took part in their official joining ceremony in Feb. 21.
Until Feb. 13, the cadets were required to participate in a two-week basic military training course during the winter break in a military camp located in Goesan, Chungbuk. With over 7,900 cadets from 111 ROTC universities training in the winter cold, the training aims to promote future elite officers. The focus of the training course is to develop general mindset of a solider, cultivate military spirit, and establish national security bureau. The training aids the cadets to develop combat command and training instructor ability by experiencing actual military life. Thus, they were challenged with intense training such as personal firearms and tactical march.
“From the winter training, we were able to take away the importance of relationships and the true mindset of a solider,” said Ewha cadets. “Even though we aren’t perfect, we will do our best to help each other and learn to become model commanders. Also, we want to become exemplary models for our future juniors.”
The cadets also expressed excitement about their official joining ceremony.
“Until now, we didn’t know whether to label ourselves as cadets or trainees,” said an Ewha cadet. “However, our hearts beat at the fact that we can formally introduce ourselves as military cadets. Although there is high pressure about walking around the campus in army uniforms, to endure such heavy responsibility, we thought that we should check our trivial habits and be more careful. We also want to thank our director, discipline administrator, the instructors and the executive director who did not spare effort to train us into soldiers.”
As the semester starts, cadets are required to take part in military science related courses four hours a week in the Army Cadet Military School. At Ewha, cadets will take the ROTC Military Science 1 this semester, which aims to teach cadets basic military knowledge and professional combat skills necessary for military officers to carry out their duties. Apart from developing potential capabilities as future military specialists, the course also serves as a prerequisite for the summer and winter military training, focusing more on outdoor practical training.
During the semester, the cadets will also go on battlefield expeditions, participate in volunteer programs and more. Also, one troop per grade will operate as commanding cadets during.
“I urge the cadets to make every effort to become elite officers and to grow into enterprising leaders of today’s society,” said Song Tuck-soo, the acting president of Ewha. “I am confident that the cadets will set a exemplary tradition for the newly staring Ewha ROTC.”
For 2017, the school plans to start recruiting new ROTC cadets in April.
“For the students who wish to follow our steps, diligence and confidence is pivotal,” said an Ewha cadet. “When you are applying for ROTC, it is important to check that you have the integrity to develop your physical strength above current levels. I don’t have elite physical strength, but diligence was what enabled me to continue the training. Furthermore, specs and advantages for employment shouldn’t be the main reason for applying for ROTC. One’s beliefs and passion should be the driving factor. If you try your best, you will experience pride and satisfaction at the end.”

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