Comments on the 23rd Ewha Voice Essay Contest
Comments on the 23rd Ewha Voice Essay Contest
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  • 승인 2004.11.02 00:00
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 ◆ Advisor of the Ewha Voice, Professor Kim Eun-ju (English Education) conducted the evaluation of the essays together with the Ewha Voice staff.

Her comments:
   In general, the contents and ideas of the essays were inspiring and insightful, though we could not award the first prize. Good writing is composed of six elements and these elements should be well integrated in a piece of writing. These elements are relevant and stimulating content, valid and systematic organization, strong and coherent topic sentences and supporting details, appropriate and accurate grammar, vocabulary and mechanics. In these respects, the majority of essays submitted to the contest were satisfactory and more than average. However, I wish that student writers would be able to be more concerned about the freshness and uniqueness of ideas and coherent organization of their ideas.

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