Forming A "World" Inside Campus
Forming A "World" Inside Campus
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  • 승인 2004.11.02 00:00
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By: Choi Han-nah
(Medicine, 1)

   A magnet was the first "magical" object that Melaquiades and his gypsies brought to Macondo, a small village in Gabriel Garcia Marquez's One Hundred Years of Solitude. Through such reformation, the future promised the village a fortune through trade. Similarly, competing internationally requires participants to adapt to new influences and finally stand with a solidified individuality. The role of university being the same, in order to heighten the school's international competitiveness, a president must form a ?orld inside the campus.
   Forming a "world" inside a campus can be realized through four main ways. Studying in small classes would be one way to give more opportunities to foster one's individuality. Hiring more competent and foreign professors would be another way. The third way is admitting more foreign students, in more varied majors. Studying in an international atmosphere cannot but be effective to native students as it really helps them avoid having myopic points of view. Constantly improving school facilities is the last way the school can proliferate internationally. Many students feel a limit in expanding their spectrum of knowledge due to lack of equipment.
   Raising the level of students abilities and widening their perspectives is a way to raise the school's competence. It is students that compose universities and not the school buildings. Also, learning from successful universities is different from imitating them, in that learning is necessary to fortify one's own grounds. If students learn new things and adapt to them, they would surely learn to make their own "magnets," thereby not only winning in the international competition but also revolutionizing the globe with their own brilliant uniqueness.

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