Looking back on 48th SGA Election for next SGA is held
Looking back on 48th SGA Election for next SGA is held
  • Jang Min-jeong
  • 승인 2016.11.29 15:33
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As the semester is heading towards the end, the term of the 48th Student Government Association (SGA), Shouting Ewha, will end on Dec. 31 and the election process for the 49th SGA started on Nov. 4. 
During its term, Shouting Ewha has made some changes in order to keep its election pledges made during its election campaign early this year. First, the demand that the school give prior notice when adopting a new policy is met by the university, is now embroiled in the scandalous aftermath of its recent unilateral decision for school restructuring.
Also, Shouting Ewha’s pledge for a more student-oriented environment has produced some noticeable results. For instance, the shortening of the shuttle bus intervals from 15 minutes to 10 minutes was fulfilled for more convenience of the students. Air freshners were also installed at Ewha - Shinhan Reading Room and the Cenntenial Library.
It also revealed quarterly revenue and expenditure of student union fee and provided rental services for papers for hand-written posters and free emergency medicine.
However, demands for relocation of the souvenir shop at the ECC the provision of more space for students to stay in their free time or for team projects and the establishment of a second student union building were not accepted by the school. 
Regarding the activities of Shouting Ewha, Ewha Voice conducted a survey targeting 345 students. Approximately 72 percent answered that the SGA communicated well with students and 23 percent answered that they were neither satisfied nor dissatisfied With the level of communication from SGA. To the extent of fulfilling the pledges, about 50 percent answered the pledges were well conducted while other 44 percent said it was average. 
“This year has been remarkable for many conflicts on campus due to projects that have been unilaterally decided and proceeded by the school,” said the current student president Choi Eun-hye, looking back on the term. “I believe it was students who have supported me a lot. I will spend the remaining term to make sure that the school adopt a democratized decision-making process.”
She further added wish for the next SGA.
“Next year will be the year when the school takes a step toward a more democratized Ewha after the resignation of President Choi Kyung-hee,” Choi said. “I hope the 49th SGA puts effort on making a structure where all members of school can participate in making important decisions.” 
The election campaigns for the 49th student council were held from Nov. 10 to 22. The candidate for student president, Woo Ji-su, and the candidate for vice president Kim Hye-wan canvassed for votes at the Main Gate as well as Welch-Ryang Auditorium after chapel services. The official voting days were Nov. 23 and 24, but the voting period will be extended if the votes are insufficient. 
The pledges of the candidates are as follows: demand for improvement of the school’s presidential election, upgrading school facilities, and reduction of tuition fees. Democratizing the decision-making process within the campus and student participation in the Board of Trustees were also included. Moreover, a pledge to improve facilities, making better use of ECC kitchenettes and safety inspections for school buildings were suggested. 
As the election is over, a student expressed her opinion toward the current and the next SGA. 
“Shouting Ewha did well in leading the way in difficult situations,” said Koh Yoo-jeong, a sophomore in Division of International Studies. “I hope the new student council will represent the students and help communicate more with the school.”

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