Prosecutors raid school over suspicion around Chung Yoo-ra
Prosecutors raid school over suspicion around Chung Yoo-ra
  • Hong Ki-yeon
  • 승인 2016.11.29 15:30
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On Nov. 22, the prosecution performed searches and seizures on 20 school offices including the office of the president and the personal residence of the former school president Choi Kyung-hee. The search was carried out due to the result of special audit by the Ministry of Education (MOE) which confirmed that Human Movement Studies major Chung Yoo-ra received illegal favors from the school in admission and grading. They collected documents regarding the 2015 school admission, computer hard drives. It is the first time the  school has been raided since its establishment. 
According to the audit result, Chung showed her gold medal during her admission interview which goes against the regulation. This successfully puts her in front of two other applicants who had received higher scores than Chung in their admission documents. 
It was also revealed that she did not attend any of the eight courses for which she had registered since her enrollment last year. She was nevertheless given credit for attendance by her professors without substituting assignments. Chung was even reported to have been graded on exams that she did not take and assignments that she did not hand in.
On occasions where she did hand in her assignment, as in the case of Coaching Theory last semester, her assignment was littered with inappropriate slang. However, despite the apparent low quality, the assignment was accepted by the professor. 
In the face of such facts, the MOE revealed its plans to pressure the school into nullifying Chung’s admission. The MOE also ordered the school to take severe disciplinary actions regarding those responsible for granting her illicit favors, including Professor Nam Kung Gon, the former Dean of the Office of Admissions. A plan for cutting federal educational funds the school benefits from is also being examined.
Meanwhile, some are not fully satisfied with the audit results in that the MOE has not offered substantial compensation for those who have already suffered from Chung’s fraud. For instance, the MOE has revealed that no actions will be taken to aid the applicants who were denied admission due to illegal favors Chung received regarding her admission interview.
“Although I agree with the nullification of Chung’s admission, I am discontent with the lack of compensation toward students and professors in Human Movement Studies,” said a sophomore majoring in Human Movement Studies.

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