The Role Of The Student-Run Media
The Role Of The Student-Run Media
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  • 승인 2004.11.02 00:00
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By: Yoon Sae-bom
(International Studies, 1)

   In a world of infinite conflicting opinions, the media has taken upon the imperative yet impossible task of delegating everyday life. This proves true in all areas of society, whether it be aimed at the general public or at a more targeted audience ­ university students. They explore the in-depth coverage of what happened yesterday, dictate the details of what is happening today, and predict the possible outcomes of what will happen in the near future. As the predominant source of media in universities, student-run newspapers serve a variety of purposes, from stimulating intellectual conversation on campus to providing for training ground for those willing to work in the media in the present and future.
   The main role of the student-run newspaper, as mediums of free expression, is to promote the creation of ideas and knowledge by allowing the student body to consider diverse views on every question. They make sure that all its readers have the ability to make informed decisions on any given subject. Student newspapers also seek to engage different members of the university community in participation and debate. Newspapers allow readers to debate the issues and ideas that are important to them. Newspapers also play a vital role as a vehicle of communication between students and university authorities: at times the media, as a representative of the voice of students, must stand up against authority figures when they feel the rights of their readers have been infringed upon. In this sense, newspapers don't seek to change the world; they simply work to make sure that no one is denied claim to the right to know. To violate this right defeats the purpose of having a newspaper in the first place.

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