School Of Rock
School Of Rock
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  • 승인 2004.11.02 00:00
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By: Lee So-jung
(Liberal Arts, 1)

   My university should rock the whole world. There was a time when a diploma from a prestigious unversity could pave one's life with fame and fortune. In this globalized era and society, producing a universal star should be its focus.
   The standardized exams as the main admission criteria disable the school to accept students on their special merits­say creativity or other talents. As a result, the school produces students molded through a cookie cutter. Therefore, subjective standard by the university should be activated in order to sort out the "anti-social bookworms," the leading factor in the rigidity of academic climate.
   To allow the opportunities for the students, transferring from one major to another must become flexible. An easier acceptance by majors of the newly interested students would provide the fertile soil for the students to gain accessibility to professional knowledge, maximizing their competitiveness in a global scale.
   Competence ultimately equals the originality of thoughts. The mutual feedback between the professors and the students needs to avoid "recycling" of the old ideas but to create new ones. To not become the academic Sodom by hiring the alumi excessively, the university should aggressively pursue to hire the faculty who would participate in the complete metamorphosis of the school.
   School of rock is what it is. This "rocking" is greatly needed in this suffocating stiffness in the academic. Along with the advent of the era of diversity, flexibility, and originality, everyone should be rocking on his/her own stage. And I want my school to be full of those beautiful rockers who rock in the classroom, seminars, conferences and ultimately in every arena in the world. Making songs out of their unlimited potential and captivating everyone at their show with irresistable charm is truly what I want to see in the near future of my school.

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