Finding Your Own Kind Of Warmth
Finding Your Own Kind Of Warmth
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  • 승인 2004.11.02 00:00
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With the coming of the season of blistered lips and chapped hands, we dedicated this page to "warming" our readers with articles that describe various ways people find warmth in their everyday lives.
The results to the question, "Where do you find warmth in your life?" asked in a survey conducted with the participation of over 300 Ewha students, were classified into the following four major categories: mind (heart), people, food, and wear (clothes and other accessories). Mind includes the answers maum (mind) and love; people includes family members, boyfriends, and other loved ones; food includes hot drinks, roasted chestnuts and sweet potatoes; lastly, wear includes anything from sweaters and scarves to blankets, mittens, and coats.
What you perceive to be "warm" may or may not be in the selected articles in this section because the purpose of the articles here is to describe a specific feature in each of these categories. Thus, we present to you the four articles in the coverage on "warmth" for December 2004.

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