First ROTC at Ewha is established with 30 cadets, starting military education next year
First ROTC at Ewha is established with 30 cadets, starting military education next year
  • Pak Gee-na
  • 승인 2016.11.14 13:43
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The school’s first Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) was launched on Nov. 1 with the agreement regarding military education of students with Army Cadet Command. At the agreement ceremony which was held at the ROTC hall, Song Tuck-soo, the acting president and the executive vice president for academic affairs Lee Seung-do, the superintendent of the Army Cadet Military School Command attended with 30 student military cadets.
At the ceremony, Song commented that the establishment of ROTC at Ewha in the year of the school’s 130th anniversary embodies great meaning as ROTC symbolizes a new leap forward.
“I wish the cadets could raise not only the honor of Ewha but also raise the status of the nation,” Song added.
Lee also delivered his request for cadets to devote themselves with a pride to represent women ROTC of Republic of Korea.
The school was selected as the university that host the ROTC in February this year. 30 cadets were selected with the competition rate of one out of 2.4 among sophomore students from March to August.
One remarkable cadet is Lee Soo-yeon, a North Korean defector who escaped from North Korea in 2006. She is the first North Korean defector to be selected as ROTC cadet. The experiences of two failures of escape and life in Korea have Lee to apply for ROTC cadet.
From January, 2017, military education for the selected cadets will officially begin at ROTC hall which was completed this year. An official commissioning ceremony will be held in upcoming March for cadets who finished. Two weeks of basic military training at Army Cadet Military School will take place.

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