Career Development Center: Constructing your future together
Career Development Center: Constructing your future together
  • Lim Ye-ju
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On the last week of September, various booths were set up at Ewha Campus Complex (ECC), Hakgwan, New Engineering Building and Ewha-POSCO Building. Students were moving from booth to booth busily taking notes. When they left the booths, their hands were full of leaflets and hand-outs regarding employment.
This is part of an annual event from Career Development Center (CDC), Flying CDC. Aimed to raise awareness on the importance of career development, Flying CDC visits students in person. Setting up booths on the most visited buildings on campus, it approached students with helpful information on employment rather than waiting for students to visit CDC.
A total of seven booths were set up, divided into three categories. Event booths were provided for students to take their photos for resumes or get tips on how to look suitable for a job interview. Career and employment consultation booths offered a chance to get consultations by experts of career development and working in specific companies. Open recruitment preparing booths also offered students information on job interviews.
“We have categorized the booths into different age groups and topics, whereas last year all booths were set up under the topic of career and employment consultation for all grades,” explained a faculty from CDC. “Also, three booths including image-making consulting booths were newly introduced.”
Many students shared that the new booths were not only educational, but also practical, reflecting students’ needs and interests well.
“I especially liked the image-making booth, as the person told me which colors I go well with and which colors I should avoid,” mentioned Kim Da-hyun, a sophomore majoring in History. “Usually private personal color diagnosis services are pricey. So it was nice that I got a chance to get one for free at the school.”
Likewise, CDC aims to provide various instructions and programs on career development for both students and graduates. Specific programs are designed to fit the interests of students from each grade. Programs for younger students are directed towards figuring out their interests and future careers, whereas programs for older students focus more on  job applications and interviews.
“One of the most popular programs is Ewha Career Festa aimed at freshmen,” said a faculty from CDC. “I think it is because students can hear first-hand experience from the older students regarding career. For older students, programs to prepare for public enterprises are more popular.”
In addition, CDC often adjusts its programs to meet the current trends of employment market. CDC also hosts a series of lectures given by human resources experts and representatives from different companies.
In addition, CDC also provides employment and internship recommendation. Students are able to find notices regarding employment and internship in various businesses both in and out of Korea in Eureka Portal system.
“The advantage of using this recommendation is that students can have a higher chance of passing the application review process,” said a faculty from CDC. “After the application review process, we also hold separate interview sessions to educate and provide tips on interviews, further increasing the chances of getting employed.”
For students who are still new to CDC, visiting the Job Café is one of the ways to get to know and benefit from CDC. Job Café, situated at ECC B312, is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m on weekdays for all students and provides the latest information on employment.
“We wish that students would consider their future careers seriously from their freshman years,” mentioned a faculty from CDC. “It is crucial to have interest in various careers and gain work experience rather than leaving it to the last minute.”

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