“My Little Hanwoori” brings festive joy to dormitory
“My Little Hanwoori” brings festive joy to dormitory
  • Oh Jin-sung
  • 승인 2016.09.30 14:28
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Unlike usual, on Spet. 29, an exciting music and cheerful shoutings came out from SSG Hall, E-house. The origin of the joyful sound was “My Little Hanwoori,” an annual dormitory festival. It was hosted by the 19th Residents Committee of Hanwoori Hall. Starting from the Fall semester, the new dormitory has accepted new residents, and is now accomodating more than 2,000 students. This festival became a chance for the dormitory residents to get together to know more about the new dormitory.
The festival consisted of three sessions: mini booths, contests, and student performances. In the first session, there were ten mini booths that were divided into drama and entertainment zones where students can take part in the organized games. For instance, a booth in the drama zone called “You told me to forget but I could not” organized a game where parcipants had to name the actors from given dramas. For the participants, many prizes such as coupon for coffee or churros were provided.
In the second session, two programs named Weekly Idol and Challenge OST that parodied two famous TV shows, “Weekly Idol and “Challenge 1,000 Songs” were held. In Weekly Idol, participants displayed their dynamic dance moves to the randomly chosen music. For the Challenge OST, singing competition, students who passed the prior auditon sang soundtracks of famous movies and dramas.
Performances from three school clubs followed in the last session. Action, a dance performance club performed various songs, followed by KB Crew, a boys crew from Korea Art Conservatory and Harie, a Yonsei streetdance club, added up the excitement of the festival.
Apart from these three sessions, participants could register for the giveaway. The awards  in the raffle included various coupons from restaurants and cafés near Ewha campus.
“This kind of events always make me very excited,” said a student majoring in Economics who participated in “My Little Hanwoori.” “There are not much things to enjoy in the school dormitory as a resident here. Today, I participated in every booth I could go to. I hope students can enjoy much more interesting events like today’s festival.’”

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