A cultural festival, Right Light Festival, kindles Ewha’s awareness on human rights
A cultural festival, Right Light Festival, kindles Ewha’s awareness on human rights
  • Kim Yun-young
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Right Light Festival was held from Sept. 28 to 29 as a cultural festival co-hosted by the Student Government Association (SGA) and the Ewha Independent Union. It aimed to raise awareness of human rights among Ewha students. The name of the festival indicates that diverse human rights issues can gather into one color just as a single white light beams  which is produced when all colors of lights are put together.
The festival mainly took place at a yard by the Student Union Building where booths, each providing different programs to promote human rights had been placed. It provided a plaza of raising further awareness for Ewha on various human rights fields as well as an opportunity for students to voice out and freely discuss on different human rights issue. Some booths also sold various goods such as snacks, coloring books, postcards, and more. The profit from these booths had later been donated for railroad labor union.
Right Light Festival began off by holding Declaration of Human Rights read out by the President and the Vice-President of the SGA with a representative of the school labor union. The declaration mentioned human rights  such as women rights, youth rights, and labor rights. are being violated under the shadows of our society.
The SGA and four organizations from the Ewha Independent Union organized six main programs that took place during the festival. For instance, “Ewha Searcheye” provided an opportunity to experience a physical disability whilst showing the participants the side effects that such activities.
“During Right Light Festival, we want to manifest how programs of experiencing a physical disability can be a misguided approach in raising awareness for the disabled,” said Kim Min-wha, a member of Ewha Searcheye in her third year of Chemistry major. “Experiencing menstruation is unnecessary in understanding women just as straight people don’t experience ‘coming out’ to prove that they fully understand the homosexual’s perspective.”
Kim explained in detail with the case of current buildings without any facilities for disabled.
“We want to inform others this is a social issue where the society has defined people in wheelchairs as ‘disabled’ by creating buildings with only stairs that makes it impossible for them to move freely,” Kim asserted.
“Ewha cinematheque” held movie screening with four movies that uncovered the atrocious deprivation of children’s rights. “Ewha Women committee” held “Alligator Project” where a graphic book exposed sexual violence women face every day. “Ewha Independent Library” organized a lecture by Jung Jung-hoon, the author of the book, “Human right and human rights,” and an open seminar that examined the practicality of ensuring human rights in all society. A “Talk Party” was held by the SGA where Ewha students freely discussed various issues on human rights.

One of the staffes who helped out with the festival during her free period shared her experience about the event.
“Personally, I am particularly interested in youth rights in current education system where students are taught to do as they are told without questioning the possibility of infringing their own human rights,” said Kim Ha-hyeong majoring in Special Education. “One thing I noticed, however, is that many Ewha students seem interested in human rights as much as I am. This festival has successfully stimulated those already concerned in human rights with further awareness.”
Despite the cloudy weather, many students participated the festival. It was successful in encouraging students to voice out and raise awareness on various human rights issue.
“Through the festival, I could encounter different kinds of human rights and really think about practical ways to ensure them,” said Lee Ja-eun, a first year in the Liberal Arts Department, who contributed in organizing the festival. “The program held by ‘Ewha searcheye’ on rights for the disabled remains to be the most impressive. Before then, my focus used to be on issues about women and youth rights. Yet, its program taught me that emphasizing on the difference with the disabled may only solidify the prejudice of how they are simply unfortunate as if they must be viewed with pity.”

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