Park Na-hee Leaves For Antarctica With NASA
Park Na-hee Leaves For Antarctica With NASA
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  Park Na-hee, a graduate student majoring in Physics, left for Antarctica on Nov. 12 with the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Park was the only Korean physicist in a group consisting mainly of Americans and Italians. She will be in Antarctica for 50 days working on a project called CREAM (Cosmic Ray Energetics and Mass), which NASA considers as one of its top ten projects for the next decade.
  "For two years Korea has developed a Silicon Charge Detector (SCD), which is used in experiments to measure particles that fall from outer space. This device will be taken for a real life test and I will assist by checking if the SCD is functioning properly. says Park.
  Professor Yang Jong-man (Physics) said, "We have worked on a joint project with NASA for two years in a lab at the University of Maryland. During the project, Park has been a faithful student whose great efforts made this project possible."
  As for plans after her return, Park says, "I will start focusing on analyzing the data from the experiment. After attending graduate school, I hope to continue doing experiments in Asia related to astrophysics or cosmic rays."
  However, there were some notes of regret made by Yang: "Extraordinary research is going on in this field, with high prospects for success. Yet student awareness is poor. Only two students applied for the Department of Physics at the Graduate School of Ewha this year, the lowest out of all the departments. Governmental support is shamefully little on international levels."

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