Movements toward Korean unification 3
Movements toward Korean unification 3
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University students step closer to unification
The government and academic institutions are not the only parties taking active steps on the matter of unification. University students and other youths also have taken things into their hands at the grassroots level. One of the noted actions is the publication of “The Movement,” a magazine where university students deal with the issues related to politics and unification since January, 2015. Currently registered as a nationwide university press publication and a non-governmental organization, it has published its fourth edition so far, and is getting ready to publish its fifth  edition this September.
“The magazine was titled ‘The Movement’ to show that it aims to draw out social changes through the voice of university students,” said Hwang Su-hyun, the chief of promotion team for “The Movement.” “We want to act as a voice telling people what some university students have got to say on various social issues, including those related to unification.”
Hwang further revealed that “The Movement” also acts as a forum for debate. She believes that the current young generation is more prepared to face the unification issue than any other generation, as they are relatively independent of the past ideologies that initially brought about the division.
“Being free of 20th-century ideological perceptions, young people can approach the  issue more objectively,” Hwang said. “The shadows of those ideologies still act as the main obstacle for the elders.”
Meanwhile, some university students have taken a more physical action as they endeavor to bring the day of unification closer. In August, the annual “815 Unification Great March” (815UGM) was held. From Aug. 5 to 15, participants from all over the nation toured various cities on foot, including Seoul, Busan, Gwangju, and so on. The objective of the 815UGM is to remember that the history of division begins on Aug. 15, 1945, when the Korean people welcomed both the liberation and the U.S. and Soviet forces on the same day. The youths who participated in the event also had a chance to learn about the current political stances on unification, and what unification means to  international and domestic society.
 “I’ve thought that we should achieve an independent and peaceful unification, and my experience at 815UGM reinforced my conviction,” said Goo Han-ee (Hongik University, 1) who participated in the march. “I think that university students should be on the front line as in discussions and actions on the unification issue.”
Reporters: Hong Ki-yeon, Jang Min-jeong, Lee Tae-hee, Pak Gee-na

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