New mandatory courses for sophomores and freshmen
New mandatory courses for sophomores and freshmen
  • Lee Tae-hee
  • 승인 2016.08.29 18:09
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Starting from the second semester of 2016, changes will be applied to the mandatory course curriculum of College of Liberal Arts sophomores and freshmen.
A wide range of courses will be newly offered. New courses include Dynamism in Reading and Writing, Questions for History and Philosophy, and Future of Homo Faber. Reading Classics and Writing, a mandatory course for the “Think and Express” area, which was established in 2013. It has aimed to nurture spiritual refinement and develop students’ comprehensive communication skills for professional research.
Further changes have also been made to the Ewha Truth-Good-Beauty (Character) area for all freshmen. Recent changes now allow students to take five new courses instead of Share Leadership, which was a course that all students had to take with the exception of College of Pharmacy.
The new courses provided are Humanity for Sharing, Homo-Empathicus and Community, Self-Understanding for 20s, Love and Ethics in Human Relationships and Utopia of Coexistance & Cooperation. The main objective of these courses was to conduct education that builds student identity and understanding of the society. However, as numerous new classes are open at a time, the last one was canceled for this Fall semester.
Students have shown mixed responses to the curriculum changes. When the changes were announced via the school homepage, some were confused due to the abrupt changes to the curriculum and lack of information about each course. However, after the course syllabus was offered, many were intrigued to take the new courses.
“I’m going to take an alternative course instead of Share Leadership,” said a freshman in the Division of Social Sciences. “I was worried about taking Share Leadership because I’m not comfortable with time-consuming team projects and the overall concept of the course. However, with more options, I would happily chose Self-understanding for 20s, which will encourage self-reflection and more focus on myself.”
Although some students have responded positively, others are dissatisfied with the timing of the new change. Freshmen in Department of Computer Science & Engineering, Department of Electronics Engineering, Department of Science Education, Scranton Honors Program, College of Music, and College of Medicine, who were required to take Share Leadership during the first semester, did not have other alternatives. Many have asserted that it would have been better if the changes had been made earlier so that all freshmen could have enjoyed  wider course choices.
“The new subjects provided sounded very interesting to me,” said a freshman in Department of Science Education. “A lot of my friends also showed interest as well. I would have loved to take either Love and Ethics in Human Relationships or Self-understanding of Twenties if the school had made the changes earlier. It’s a pity that I took Share Leadership last semester.”

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