Career Camp Helps Students In Employment
Career Camp Helps Students In Employment
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By Kim Na-hyun

   The Ministry of Education and Human Resources recently announced a plan to disclose employment rates of university graduates next year. As a result, universities were concerned that the poor employment rates might have a negative influence on the admission of new students have begun to establish various programs to increase graduate employment.
   This winter vacation, Ewha  Career Development Center (CDC) will conduct winter camps titled "Ewha Career Camp I & II." This purpose is to provide a chance for undergraduates to explore and develop their job-seeking skills, not just at the end of their senior year but also continuously during their college life. Professor Kang Hye-ryun (Business Administration), the Dean of CDC says, "We are trying to teach these intensive employment preparation courses during the vacation since not many students can actually participate during the semester due to their studies." Camp I is intended for freshmen and sophomores, while Camp II is for juniors and seniors. The programs differ in the intensity of the preparation process. Camp I will focus on setting a foundation for a career to pursue after graduation. Thus, it will focus on discovering one? aptitude, planning for internships, and acting on advice from seniors.
   Camp II will concentrate on actual job-search training. Thus, the program will inform participants of details on different roles and positions within corporations, methods of searching for jobs, ways to make resumes and letters of introduction, and presentation on communication skills for interviews.

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