Universities voice against immoral acts of Oxy 2
Universities voice against immoral acts of Oxy 2
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“We will not tolerate unethical enterprise.”

Campaign against Oxy in universities
Many universities and Student Government Associations (SGA) are taking part in boycotting Oxy products. At Sogang University, SGA put up a hand-written poster that encouraged students to stop buying Oxy products.
“The use of hand-written posters is popular at Sogang University,” said Kim Han-sol, director of policy making in Sogang’s SGA. “For example, we also used hand-written posters to raise awareness of the Sewol Ferry incident. Students recognize that an issue carries more importance when hand-written posters are put up on that matter, which is why we decided to use hand-written posters to raise awareness of Oxy.”
The hand-written poster emphasized that customers were not at fault. It was Oxy that had betrayed its customers, who had trusted its products to be safe. Also, it criticized that Oxy’s official apology came much later than expected, due to their continuing effort to avoid or deny the allegation of using toxic chemicals in their disinfectant line-up. 
“We think that the society will recognize students’ efforts more if the SGA participates in the boycott,” Kim said.
Another university organization which participated in the boycott was the SGA of Kyunghee University. The SGA managed to persuade Kyunghee University Cooperative and Korean Public Service and Transport worker’s Union in Kyunghee University to inhibit the use of Oxy products.
“One of the reasons why we started the boycott was because Oxy displayed a deceptive attitude towards its consumers by denying their fault until the prosecution investigation took place,” said a member of SGA of Kyunghee University. “Another reason was the concern about health safety within campus.”
SGA mentioned that it is important for various university students and organizations to participate in the boycott as the Oxy incident is a problem for the whole Korean society.
“We are sure that there is no citizen which has not used a product of Oxy before. We think that because such a reknown company refused to take responsibility for the actions, many were angered, which eventually led to a huge boycott,” a member of the SGA remarked. “Also, Oxy was not the first company to cause a man-made disaster, so it is no longer a problem for individual victims, but a problem for the whole society, which is why it is important for many to participate in the boycott.”

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