Girl Power Brings Campus Stage To Life
Girl Power Brings Campus Stage To Life
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   The 2004 Korea Lilith Fair, sponsored by the Korea Sexual Violence Relief Center (KSVRC) and the Korean Women's Institute (KWI), was held at the Welch-Ryang Auditorium on Nov. 26. The fair was the second one held in four years and this year's theme was,  "Period of Transgression: Great Women Musical Artists." The fair carried extra meaning this time as it was in celebration of the tenth anniversary of the KSVRC.
The fair's main event was a concert featuring famous female artists from diverse generations, such as Yoon Bok-hee, Han Young-ae, Lee Sang-eun, Yoon Mi-rae (T), Nastyona, and Ziihiion. The performers' objective was to write a new page in history of Korean female rock stars, which means that the rock world is no longer ruled by men only.
   Kwon Kim Hyun-young, Public Information Officer at the KSVRC, says, "We thought Ewha would be an appropriate place because it represents women, and since this is an event about women it fits in perfectly with the theme and the objective of the concert." The KSVRC asked the Korean Women's Institute (KWI) at Ewha to join hands for the occasion, and the two organizations became co-sponsors of the festival. 
   The Lilith Fair was a movement first started in the U.S.A, in 1999 by feminist female artists who aimed at celebrating the works of women artists. The same movement was first adopted in Korea in 2000 with the same goal.
   The powerful performance was carried out in front of a full auditorium with an audience of every generation. The artists reminded the crowd that women artists are making their stance in the Korean society. The profit raised by this concert will be attributed to a fund for the victims of sexual violence.

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