Artfesta Ewha: Enjoying campus through a variety of art projects:
Artfesta Ewha: Enjoying campus through a variety of art projects:
  • Lee Yoon-soo
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Strolling around the green roof garden on top of the Ewha Campus Complex (ECC), students find its walking trails turned into a crossroad for artistic exchange. With an open-air sound and moving images of short films and videos projected onto several white screens installed around the campus, students get to enjoy part of the art festival commemorating the 130th anniversary of the school. Started in 2001, Ewha Media Art Presentation (EMAP), is an annually held moving image festival using various sceneries of the campus, targeting a large audience of students and general public. This year, the contents and scale of the event have been reinforced for celebration of the Ewha’s 130th anniversary.
Including EMAP, Ewha celebrated its 130th anniversary by holding art exhibitions, galleries around the campus and start-up 52nd street. Named “Artfesta Ewha,” the College of Art and Design came up with diverse art programs to represent the school’s willingness and effort to contribute to the harmonious growth of university communities, local society, and the nation itself.
Artfesta Ewha consists of five projects. At Ewha Craft & Art Fair, undergraduates, graduates, and professors participated as artists, displaying a total of 2,600 artworks in the college of Art and Design. For this year’s art fair, a dimension of mystery and excitement was added to the experience of art purchase. The viewers do not get a hint of the artist whose work they have selected to buy. In other words, people do not get to know whether a piece they are interested in is the artwork of a famous artist or not.
“The information of the artist is kept as a secret until the certificate is given after payment,” said Won In-jong, the dean of the college of Art and Design. “We wanted to deliver the value of artwork without any prejudice set under ‘career’ and ‘expertise’ by proceeding the exhibition as a blind fair.”
Visitors of the art fair shared their thoughts on the concept in that it gives students chances to catch the tastes of the viewers by participating in a real art fair.
“Above all, giving art students opportunities to try various artistic experiments seems to be a meaningful approach to expanding their specialty in art,” said Lee Jae-young, a graduate of Ceramics.
With particiaption of students from the college of Art and Design, Design 52 is a design start-up project aimed at transforming the local area into unique streets by combining art and design. It is hoped that the results of this project will stimulate the reinvigoration of the local community and contribute to the mutual development of the university and the local community.
Pop-up Container Project, another project of Artfesta, was proceeded at the lawn of the main entrance, using containers for exporting goods as pop-up galleries. Public Art Project, installed in the grand yard at the main entrance, embodied the 130 faces of Ewhaians in the 20th and 21st centuries by photo-montaging based on Ewha Archive.
“Seeing students drawing hundreds of faces on the huge plastic mesh in front of the school yard, I wondered how it would turn out in the end,” said Park Kyoung-bin, a senior majoring in Journalism. “Listening to the explanation of the artwork, I found the intention of the project fascinating and meaningful.”
Students found the artistic way of commemorating the anniversary meaningful.
“Throughout the week, I felt as if the campus changed into a place of artistic creativity and harmony, meaningfully marking the anniversary,” remarked Kang Da-yeong, a senior majoring in Journalism. “I especially found the EMAP interesting, because  watching videos surrounded by trees and the roof garden is a rare experience for me.”

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