Successive accidents threaten campus safety
Successive accidents threaten campus safety
  • Kim Hye-won
  • 승인 2016.06.03 15:34
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Recent accidents on and around the campus have increased students’  worries regarding campus safety. Lately there have been two car accidents on and near the campus during the third week of May in which two Ewha students have been injured. As students came to hear of the accidents, they are raising voices of sympathy towards the injured students and concern regarding campus safety.
Around 9:40 p.m. on May 17, a student got severely hit by a truck near campus. The student was walking up the hill near Daeshin Church at the entrance of the Engineering College and got knocked down by a truck that suddenly came up from behind. The truck was allegedly approaching the church.
With the help from people around the scene of the accident, the student was immediately transferred to a nearby hospital. Currently, she is getting treatment for a femur and finger fracture. The police is currently conducting an inquiry to determine whether the accident occured due to the driver’s negligence.
“The school is thinking of several ways to help the injured student,” said Lee Hee-jin, a deputy head of the Office of Coordination.

“In principle, a school does not bear obligation to make compensation for an accident whether it occurred on campus or not. However, since our student is hurt, we are actively seeking diverse ways to make amends for her.”
However, the controversy got even more serious after the video of the accident was leaked online. Spreading quickly through online communities and SNS, it was viewed over thousands of times. It was suspected that a CCTV video was leaked, which is illegal.
“I saw the video of the accident on Facebook which was already viewed so many times,” said Yoo Ji-sun, a senior majoring in English Education. “Not only was I shocked at the terrible scene, but I was worried and offended. The serious accident was almost being discussed as a mere gossip online.”
On this matter, the school is showing a determined attitude to solve the problem.
“The school plans to ask the Police Cyber Crime Investigation Team for the video leakage,” Lee said. “We cannot disclose details of the accident in accordance with student privacy rights. However, we tried to take down all the videos.”
Now the video has been made unavailable or taken down.
Just a day after, another car accident happened, this time on campus. Lee Ha-rin, a sophomore majoring in Consumer Studies, got hit by a car on campus while she was passing the crosswalk between the Ecology Building and Hagkwan on May 18, 9:20 a.m. As it was when Daedong Festival was at its peak, a lot of students were busily preparing their booths outside.
“I was preparing to hold a booth in front of the Ecology Building, trying to move a table from Hag-kwan,” Lee recalled. “So I was walking down the crosswalk and the car suddenly came upon me.”
The case is being dealt by the police with Lee identified as a victim. The driver is known to be an outsider who was just passing the school campus for a shortcut. Although Lee is not suffering from severe injuries, she still has to be treated with physical therapy for at least two to three months.
Upon the successive accidents, students are demanding measures that ensure campus safety.
“Recent accidents made me feel very insecure,” said Nam Seok-jin, a junior majoring in English Education. “I feel sorry for those wounded students on campus. I hope the school comes up with solutions that can improve campus security.”
The school also says that it is considering diverse ways to further ensure campus safety.
“The school will decrease the speed limit on campus which is now 20 kilometer per hour to ten,” Lee explained. “We will also further secure a pedestrian passage and consider other solutions.”

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