Universities start to embrace e-Sports industry 3
Universities start to embrace e-Sports industry 3
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Talking e-Sports with Professor Kim

Q: What do you think is the current perception of e-Sports in Korea?
A: I think that for the younger generation, e-Sports is looked upon as more of a legitamate sport. However, in the parent's point of view, it is merely a pastime that triggers the shortcoming of self-control.
Q: What is needed for a positive change towards the general perception of e-Sports in Korea?
A: For traditional sports, the general public has a view on the game play of athletes and the act of watching these matches with a positive mind. Therefore, I believe that for the e-Sports industry to be perceived in the same or similar matter, they must strive to generate such positive feedback.
Q: How can the study and activities of the Content Convergence major from Ewha’s new College of Science & Industry Convergence develop or expand the e-Sports industry?
A: Students studying Content Convergence may become future leaders or contributors to the e-Sports industry as game or broadcasting contents developers and designers.
Q: How can Korean university students affect the global or domestic game industry in the near future?
A: Korean university students are both the consumer and the potential developers of the e-Sports industry. Therefore, they can play an exceptional role in the industry in the future, due to their first-hand experience in the e-Sports field.
Q: What is your opinion of the prospering e-Sports industry, both domestic and Internationally?
A: I wish that e-Sports would be further developed as a broadcast. Also, I wish that Korea would take to global stance in the field of e-Sports content development and design.

Associate Professor Kim Myoung-jun, of Content Convergence in the College of Science & Industry Convergence, shared his opinions with the Ewha Voice regarding the e-Sports industry. He spent three years as a senior researcher at the Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI), a Korean institute dedicated to the development of ICT, where he fed his experience in the computer graphic field.

Reporters: Lim Ye-ju, Son Young-chai

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