Domitory C dong students face inconvenience due to incomplete facilites
Domitory C dong students face inconvenience due to incomplete facilites
  • Lee Jae-lim
  • 승인 2016.05.23 11:11
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The new dormitory Hanwoori Hall C dong was partly opened to students starting this semester. However, although two months have past since the dorm started to accept students, there have been numerous complaints about the lack of facilities in the new building.
Compared to A and B dong, there are no televisions in the resting lounge. The size of the desks in the study rooms is also small compared to that of A and B dong dorms. Also, the praying room in C dong is still not available to students.  
At the start of the semester, the printers were installed only after the rise of students’ complaints, and the treadmills in the fitness room were not installed at first. Although opening of the new dorms meant that more students can reside in the dormitory, such lack of facilities has led some students to worry what would happen when the rest of the building welcomes students in the fall semester.
“As all three buildings are connected, I guess the school expects us to share our building’s facilities,” said Jee Eun-seo, a freshman at Ewha. “Although it is my first time living in the dorms, it feels a bit inconvenient when it takes me a long time to get to my dorm, as there is only one entrance for all three dorms. Also, the construction noise of the new buildings really bothers us. We cannot even open windows freely when we want to get a breath of fresh air, but I guess all dormitory residents share the same problems.”
In response to students’ complaints, the Dormitory Office replied that they were doing their best to meet the expectations of the students. For the prayer room, as weekend get-together for prayers is already active in A dong, the school is contemplating a different type of praying room for C dong. After the opening of C dong, it has also installed more automatic parcel delivery service machines  and multi printers as more students moved in to the dorms. Also, there are many public facilities which can be used by virtually all students occupying the dorms such as the kitchenette, fitness room, resting lounge, praying room, seminar room, and the laundry room.
“All three dorms have been established with different facilities and atmosphere,” said the director of the dormitory who wished to remain anonymous. “We admit that there were some parts of the facilities which opened late after March due to delayed delivery, but we have told the residents through posting notices on walls to recommend using facilities in A and B dong. However, all the facilities are perfectly open to students now. I am confident to say that we have received no further complaints from students afterwards and held weekly meetings to continuously improve the facilities for further convenience of the students.”

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