Looking back at 2016 Daedong Festival
Looking back at 2016 Daedong Festival
  • Kim Jee-min
  • 승인 2016.05.23 11:11
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2016 Daedong Festival, which is one of the most anticipated events throughout the school year was held from May 18 to 20. This year’s theme was “You and Ewha Together.”
“We coined the theme ‘You and Ewha Together’ to emphasize the meaning of community in Ewha. It is also a pun to ‘with all of you,’” explained an official of Shouting Ewha, the 48th student Government Association (SGA). “The festival was organized for about a month by the Daedong Planning and Coordination group.
Various events were held during the three days of the festival. One of the events that marked the start of the festival was making the rope for the Yeongsan tug-of-war. A traditional annual event, it is known for carrying on the legacy of Daedong Festival. To prepare for the event, students had weaved a big rope out of pieces of straw together. From May 9 to 17, students stopped by the open space in front of the Student Union building to pitch in and help tie the rope.
Another unique event was Ewha’s version of “The King of Mask Singer,” a popular Korean television program where masked celebrity contestants sing in a competition. Instead of a tournament form, the anonymous contestants were given an equal opportunity to sing. After listening to all the participent singers, the audience voted to pick best three singers from the competition.
Along with these main events, students stopped by food stands and activity booths run by various school clubs. While most booths were run by deparments and the students, several booths were also held to support people in need, including a food stand jointly run by student council and the school labor union.
Aside from the delicious foods, students enjoyed performances from clubs and invited guest singers, including Eric Nam and band M.A.S 0094. As the SGA kept the identities of the invited singers a secret until  few days before the festival, many students were thrilled by the guest of honor and excited to see popular celebrities on campus.
Freshman students who participated in the festival for the first time had a memorable experience.
“At first, I did not expect to have much fun from the school’s festival. To my surprise however, the three days turned out to be unforgettable. I especially liked the performances that took place in front of Student Union Building and trying out many kinds of foods,” said a freshman majoring in Social Studies Education. “I am already looking forward to the next year’s festival.”

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