Ewha celebrates its 130th anniversary
Ewha celebrates its 130th anniversary
  • Huh Ryun-jung
  • 승인 2016.05.23 11:07
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The school is holding events in celebration of its 130th anniversary. In addition to the 130th anniversary ceremony, which will be held in Welch-Ryang Auditorium on May 31, various departments and institutions are holding exhibitions, performances, symposiums, lectures and reunions in May and June.
Exhibitions on the school’s history have been prepared by Ewha Archives and Ewha Womans University Museum. Ewha Archives has launched a special exhibition under the title of “Love and Support from ‘Friends of Ewha’ and Three Dedicated Teachers” on May 23. The exhibition deals with Friends of Ewha, an organization in the United States that helped the school during the Korean War by initiating a fundraising campaign for construction. Also, the exhibition provides information about three female missionaries: Walter, Morris, and Conrow.
Likewise, Ewha Womans University Museum will hold an exhibition under the title of “130 years of Memory in Relics” from May 31. Among the exhibits are Ewha Hakdang diploma and the desk used by Appenzeller, a former Ewha president.
In addition to the exhibitions, some departments have held performances for the anniversary as well. College of Music performed Mozart’s opera Die Zauberflote from May 12 to 14.
In commemoration of the anniversary, symposiums and lectures of different fields including humanities, social science, natural science, the arts and medicine are taking place as well. The third Yoon Hoo-jung Unification Forum was held to discuss women’s role in reunification. Furthermore, 2016 International Girls’ Health and Education Student Writing Competition will be held to publicize womens’ health issues. The student competition will involve presentations on womans’ health by high school and university students. Meanwhile, experts worldwide on womens’ health and education will be invited to the 2016 International Conference of Girls’ Health and Education.
As for the lectures, Ewha alumni, scholars, and people with successful careers will share their stories. Ewha alumni Chae Eun-mi, the representative director of FedEx Korea, and Naver CEO Kim Sang-hun gave lectures on May 12 and 13 respectively.
Finally, the school will be holding reunions by inviting alumni from Korea and abroad. “Remind Chapel” and “Thanks and Praise Worship” will also be held at the Welch-Ryang Auditorium on May 30. They are going to provide opportunities for people to share episodes from their college years with other graduates. On the following day, the homecoming event will take place. 
“Diverse events will enable people to learn about the past, future and present of the 130-year-old university,” said Lee Jeong-hee from Communication.

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