Universities’ pursuit of social responsibilities 2
Universities’ pursuit of social responsibilities 2
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Students step up to make society a better place
As schools are fulfilling their social responsibility through various programs, students are also exercising theirs by actively participating in important social issues.
One such social issue was the 20th general election, which took place on April 13. University student governments expended creative efforts to get university students out to vote. For example, on April 11, the student government of Yonsei University carried out a flash mob to encourage students to vote. Members of the student government gathered at the main gate of the school and performed a dance. During the dance, the president of the student government made a short speech, appealing to the students to exercise their rights to vote.
“I hope that students who are not interested in elections will have a change of heart by watching such performances,” said Choi Han-sol, a Yonsei student who watched the student government’s flash mob.
The student government of Seoul National University also ran an eye-catching and meaningful event to raise the voting rate of university students. They gave out badges with the slogan “I Vote” to students. On the day of the general election, members of the student government and the students who received these badges posted photos of themselves wearing the badge after they voted on Facebook, proving that they had cast their vote.
“Students were extremely enthusiastic about this event, and we ran out of the badges,” said Chung Min-ju, a memeber of the student government. “We were very satisfied with the fact that the voting rate of those in 20s was much higher than the last general election.”
Additionally, students are demonstrating their interest in social issues by speaking out on behalf of the “comfort women” victims and the bereaved family of the the Sewol Ferry victims. Sewol Ferry victims still feel that they have not received adequate answers to why the passengers of the ferry were not rescued in time and why appropriate safety education was not provided. They are still demanding a clear answer from the government. University students have joined hands with the frustrated bereaved family members to take this matter to the end.
Last month, a fresh wave of condolences rippled through university campuses as the second anniversary of the Sewol Ferry accident came round. Six school organizations, including Shouting Ewha, the student government, and Begin Again, the school’s club association, cooperated to form Ewha’s Preparation for the Second Anniversary of the Sewol Ferry Accident Network. The network held two seminars regarding the issue on March 15 and April 4, respectively.
“Among Ewha students who participated in the first seminar on March 15, there were some who wanted to know more about the matter,” said a member of Shouting Ewha. “This is why the network decided to run another seminar.”
Apart from sharing the troubles of those who still suffer from the unsolved Sewol Ferry issue, Shouting Ewha is also planning to delve into the matter of minority rights. As part of their program in the fall semester, Shouting Ewha plans to hold a Human Rights Festival where the participants get a chance to think about minority rights.
“We hope the festival will improve students’ awareness of human rights,” said a member of Shouting Ewha.

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