Ewha embarks on training female software professionals
Ewha embarks on training female software professionals
  • Kim Eun-gyeong
  • 승인 2016.05.09 10:53
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Ewha announced on April 5th that it will start a training program for female software (SW) experts as it recognizes the significance of SW industry’s emergence as the main industrial player in the near future. Intrinsic to this project will be a reorganization of the school system, creation of a new organization that takes full charge of the SW training program, adoption of a new educational system, and establishment of educational infrastructure such as “College of Software.”
At the beginning of this semester, HOKMA College of General Education added an “Integrated Arts and Integrated Foundation” course category offering required courses for all freshmen except Pharmacy majors. Also from this Spring 2016, there will be diverse kinds of courses based on “computational thinking,” a concept that fosters SW skills. These courses will be held in each college as parts of major requirements.
Starting from Spring 2017, Computer Science and Engineering majors under the College of Engineering will be reorganized and expanded into “College of Software.” A program for developing English communication skill will be established as well to ensure the global competence of female SW professionals.
Along with the reorganization of curriculum, an Ewha SW Integration Center will be newly established as well. This center aims to further educate non-SW-major students through SW integration track courses. Moreover, additional short-term educational programs will be held through the center as unofficial courses. Through these SW-focused programs, Ewha is expecting to provide SW education to all students  and thus prepare students early on for a future where SW is the major industry player.
The Ewha SW Integration Center will also actively collaborate with the Ewha Startup 52nd St. Project, an on-going project since early this year that supports Ewha students’ start-ups. The center is planning to provide practical and substantial aid to start-ups at the project and help transform them into “Smart Stores.” Since its inauguration this March, the Ewha Startup 52nd St. Project has been attracting much attention. It also received support from Seoul City mayor Park Won-soon and various companies. By collaborating with the project, the center is seeking a way to incorporate the SW education with real-life experiences and provide the opportunity for students to develop their efforts into real business.

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