School signs MOU with Guizhou Province in China
School signs MOU with Guizhou Province in China
  • Kim Hye-won
  • 승인 2016.05.09 10:52
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Chen Min’er, Chinese Communist Party Secretary of Guizhou province, visited Ewha on April 22 and signed a MOU between the school and Guizhou province. Ewha is the only university that Chen visited during his stay in Korea.
Secretary Chen is one of the major politicians in China who has visited Korea on invitation by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. During his stay, he requested to visit Ewha. Upon his visit, Chen made a tour around ECC square with the school president Choi Kyung-hee. Afterward, he had a discussion with the president and university officials during which he said that he wants to learn the experience Ewha has accumulated throughout its long history.
Secretary Chen suggested pursuing MOU between Ewha and 57 universities of Guizhou province for the sake of open education, exchange  programs and cooperation which president Choi welcomed as well. Through this MOU, both institutions agreed to mutually communicate on education for faculties and department leaders, and exchange programs between students and educational institutions. Secretary Chen also invited Ewha students and president Choi to the ninth Chinese ASEAN Educational Exchange Weekend which will be held in Guizhou this August.
The school expected that the MOU will contribute to developing education in both Korea and China through active joint studies and international symposiums.

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