Shuttle bus dillemma:take one more student or keep students safe?
Shuttle bus dillemma:take one more student or keep students safe?
  • Lee Yoon-soo
  • 승인 2016.04.11 11:18
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for shuttle bus and squeezing themselves into the buses has become a common sight. These students, waiting for buses to take them to far-located buildings or hurrying to go to the dormitory to avoid passing the curfew, put bus drivers in a dilemma: take one more student or care more about the safety of the rest of the students in the already-packed bus.
Safety problems of shuttle buses on campus have been a constant concern among students and faculty without a clear solution so far. Ewha Voice delved into the problems and possible solutions to deal with this issue.
Despite the slopes and curved roadways on campus with many speed bumps, the only safety measure that students can rely on are safety handles. However, even these handles have currently started to shake slightly, making students worry that screws attached on the handles could have become loosened.
“Recognizing the concern, we have conducted a safety inspection and found that the attachments are in a good condition,” Kim Young-hwan, who is in charge of shuttle bus operation at Office of General Affairs (OGA) said. “However, the structure of the car supporting the safety devices has weakened. Two buses were demolished, and the swinging handles were tightly screwed on other buses. The rest of the handles in the other buses are safely attached.”
Facing the constant demand of enlarging the buses, OGA answered that there is a limit considering the geographical features of the campus.
“There are already difficulties driving on the cornered or sloped roads in the currently operating buses that are designed to accommodate up to 29 people,” Kim remarked. “If the bus is enlarged to carry more than 45 people, the overwhelming weight could lead to a breakdown.”
Compared to the past, the shuttle bus service has been improved. However, there have been constant interest and effort in ensuring students’ safety and convenience.
“Late at night, I sometimes hesitate to walk on the road to dormitory full of bushes that make it harder to see the surroundings clearly,” said Park Ye-rin, a sophomore who has lived in the dormitory for more than two years. “I appreciate the bus driver for giving me a safe ride after a tiring, long day. However, since the opening of a new dormitory, more than 400 students are in need of the shuttle bus, which directly leads to demands for shortening intervals.”
About the newly arising demands from students, the OGA mentioned that they will seek a solution for students.
“The OGA is trying to take both safety and students’ convenience into consideration for further improvement on the operation of the buses,” Kim said. “However, we hope that students keep in mind that prioritizing speed and convenience directly undermines the overall safety.”

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