Ewha Voice Critique
Ewha Voice Critique
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  • 승인 2004.11.02 00:00
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   Every month, I like to pick up Ewha Voice at the front gate of the school and read it because Ewha Voice informs me of interesting school news for the month and gives me an entertaining time.
   Especially, Ewha Voice provides me with updated information about the popular issues that are openly discussed among Ewha students and it gives me an overall peek to how students usually think of current events and issues.
However, despite these positive features of Ewha Voice, I would also like to  recommend a few minor things. I think that Ewha Voice could bring up new issues to Ewha students and transform itself into one of the most influential media that arouse Ewha's public opinions.
   Recently, Ewha Voice seems to cover topics that have already been introduced in other newspapers or magazines, and lack in uniqueness. I understand the difficulty of publishing the English newspaper for the editors since the language is not their mother tongue.
   Nonetheless, the main role of newspapers in general is to bring in controversial issues and to help our society to handle these issues through the public opinions.
Therefore, I personally wish that Ewha Voice would introduce more up-to-date and vital news and perform as a significant media by playing the main role of stirring up opinions of students at Ewha and helping our school to come up with effective solutions to problems.
Cho Hye-won
(Sociology, 4)

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