New pedestrian road near Hanwoori Hall under construction
New pedestrian road near Hanwoori Hall under construction
  • Lee Ye-jun
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From March 28 to April 24, the road from North gate to three cross roads near Hanwoori Hall will be closed due to construction. The construction will maintain underground drains and build a new pedestrian and vehicle road. The two new pedestrian roads will keep students and cars on separate roads for students’ safety.
It has been nearly three weeks since the construction began, and students have coped well with the construction so far. Baik Jee-hyun, a sophomore majoring in English Language and Literature, who frequently uses this route to go to her tennis lessons, shared her thoughts.
“Now I have to walk all the way up to the tennis court since the shuttle bus no longer takes me to the tennis court and the research center,” Baik said. “It only takes me to the crossroad, but I do not complain because the new pedestrian road will ensure students’ safety. The inconvenience is a small price to pay for safety.”
For researchers and other personnels at the Ewha Research center, the construction team recommends taking another route to the Research center. Instead of driving to the research center from the main gate of the school, drivers have to enter the Research center through Bugahyeon-ro, which is a street away from the campus. Since the parking lot for the center is located inside the building, the construction does not interfere with parking.
When asked why the construction did not proceed during the winter break, Kang Sung-ki, the director of the construction project, mentioned a few technical problems delaying the construction.
“First was the transplanting of the maidenhair tree. To successfully transplant a grove of maidenhair tree lining from the three crossroads to the research center, the construction team had to wait for the weather to warm up and the tree roots to thaw.” Otherwise, the root of the tree would freeze, and fail to dig into the ground when transplanted. In addition, the massive construction work nearby delayed the road building.
The school has started building pedestrian roads for students’ safety since last year, starting with the construction of the pedestrian road from the Appenzellar Hall to Ewha-POSCO Building. In April, another pedestrian road will be constructed in front of Helen building. This road will connect Helen building to the Main Building. Kang also mentioned future projects on building another pedestrian road which will connect the Helen building and the Central Library.

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