Customized education becomes available
Customized education becomes available
  • Yang Hae-in
  • 승인 2016.02.29 11:23
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TELOS Major Track System, which will provide customized education, starts a test operation during the spring semester of 2016. Twenty-two selected tracks will be implemented on a basis trial. If the test operation turns out to be successful, the track system will be expanded after the test operation, starting from 2017.
Once the system officially starts operating, every major will have tracks that cover different kinds of major-related fields. As the system was initially designed to overcome the existing major-centered education, each track requires students to satisfy diverse conditions such as taking specific major or liberal arts classes, participating in volunteer work and acquiring certain certificates. Students who complete the requirements before graduation will receive a certificate upon the completion of the track along with the diploma.
For example, the Geospatial Information Convergence track requires students to take geography courses from Social Studies Education and computer programming courses from Computer Science & Engineering. By combining the two majors, the goal is to nurture spatial information experts who have knowledge in both geospatial information and computer programming skills.
Another track in the developing process is Food Service Professional track that aims to train students with knowledge of the food service industry and gastronomy and practical skills. Therefore, taking courses from Nutritional Science & Food Management, International Office Administration and Business Administration, and acquiring licenses for cooking, computer skills or foreign language are mandatory.
“The TELOS major tracks system has been devised to provide students with a new form of major education that is less intense than studying double majors or a major and a minor,” said the head of major division of ACE project. “The school hopes that TELOS helps students enhancing abilities to navigate their careers.”
However, regarding TELOS major track system, students are showing mixed reactions.
“The initial objective of the system is good in that it enables students to experience university-industry collaboration activities and extracurricular programs,” said Kim Na-hyeon, a junior majoring in Economics. “However, I want to emphasize that it is important to make the specific curricula in fine quality and maintain a persistent management of the system.”

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