In retrospect of 2015 Ewha Voice 2
In retrospect of 2015 Ewha Voice 2
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Violent scuffle between students and police

On Oct. 29, a violent scuffle between Ewha students and the police occurred as the students demonstrated to block president Park Geun-hye’s visit to the school. Under the lead of the SGA, nearly 300 Ewha students marched to deliver voices of dissent on the revival of state-authored history textbooks and other governmental policies. During the demonstration, the students were confronted by an estimated 300 plainclothes police officers, and several students were injured. The incident raised massive repercussions not only within the Ewha community, but also in other parts of the Korean society.

Overseas coverage in Singapore and New York

Overseas coverage by Ewha Voice covered the issues of globalization in Singapore and inclusion of marginalized groups of people in New York. As the first two-week overseas special coverage, Ewha Voice delved into the efforts of National University of Singapore in creating globalized environments on campus. Also, having visited New York University and Syracuse University, another special coverage introduced how inclusive campus environments are provided to students who identify themselves as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender and students with disabilities.

Innovative Ewha Vision Meeting

The Innovative Ewha Vision Meeting was held on March 18 and 19, in order to provide students opportunity to discuss the school’s vision with Ewha president Choi Kyung-hee. Students could ask questions freely and directly to the president and faculty members. Most of the questions revolved around the announcement of establishing a new college: the College of Science & Industry Convergence. The meeting encouraged open interaction between students and the school, and it promoted students’ understanding of the school’s major policies and Innovative Ewha vision.


Container demolished from Main Gate

On March 26, the container that had kept its place for over five months was removed from the Main Gate. The container had been installed by someone claiming joint ownership of the site, as an attempt to contest the school’s land ownership. The Court ruled that the occupier’s right of occupancy could not be justified and that the container impeded the school’s practical ownership over the site. While the legal dispute was not completely over at the time of the demolition, the hot attention and concern over the issue did die down along with the container.

Ewha's strong measure against malicious posting

On April 28, malevolent postings degrading Ewha and its students were uploaded on a Facebook page titled Kimchinyeo, a slang word demeaning Korean women. Upon hearing this news, the SGA and the school worked together to deal with this issue. The school’s Communications team and the SGA took legal action and visited the police, implementing strong measures to ensure that such a problem be rooted out. Ewha students were very supportive and showed positive responses.

Reporters: Jang Ji-won, Kang Na-min, Park Kyoung-eun

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