Dinner with president for international students
Dinner with president for international students
  • Lim Ye-ju
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The Office of International Affairs held a “Special Dinner for Degree-Seeking International Students” at Lee San Bong hall on Nov 12. The dinner aimed to encourage international students in their studies and provide a chance for them to develop a sense of belonging to Ewha and fellow students.
Before the dinner began, nine exhibition booths were installed by foreign student unions. Seven of them were used to represent different countries such as Vietnam and Cambodia, and the other two consisted of a foreign exchange student mentor booth and an online ambassador booth.
“Each booth prepared their traditional food and a short introduction of their culture,” said Chu Ting Hsuan, a Taiwanese student majoring in English Literature. “Through these booths I had a chance to meet up and talk with other international students and understand their cultures. The opportunity was nice as international students don’t get to make a lot of friends here at Ewha.”
The event started with a welcoming speech from Ewha president, Choi Kyung-hee. She gave words of encouragement and support to international students, congratulating them on doing a great job in Ewha.
“It is certainly challenging for anyone to live and study in a foreign country, apart from their family,” president Choi said. “I believe the experience of studying and overcoming challenges in your youth will be a good stepping stone and a priceless asset in your life.”
After the president’s speech, a performance from the choir of Ewha’s male professors took place. Two songs, Growl by a Korean idol group called EXO and Halleluiah to the Saints, were performed.
Then the dinner finally began, where students talked freely amongst themselves. They talked to each other about the campus life and studying at Ewha. Also, president Choi went around to interact with students individually.
“This event was great as I got to meet many Taiwanese students and introduce my country to other international students,” Chu said. “I would love to participate again if the event takes place in the future.”

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