New Eureka, free from supplementary programs
New Eureka, free from supplementary programs
  • Yang Hae-in
  • 승인 2015.10.15 20:57
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The new Eureka website will be operating within October, available on both computers and mobile devices. Having completed the functionality part of the development process, the Office of Information and Communications (OIC) is undergoing the final process of improving the design and minor functions.
The new website will provide the same service as the original one, but without the need of having to download Java. Also, ActiveX, an additional program that was previously required, will no longer be needed when printing out tuition bills.
In addition to the existing functions, there will be some new added features. On the first page, the academic calendar with all major school events will be displayed. Students can check important dates such as the deadline for leave of absence, and go to the related webpage on a link.
The existing Eureka website has been a constant source of complaint, as many students had difficulty downloading the Java program that was required to access the webpage. According to Choi Suk-hee, the manager of Information System Development of OIC, the reason Java kept demanding upgrades is because the environment of each browser changed frequently. To relieve the inconvenience of students, OIC decided to create a new system, and is about to reveal it publicly.
“The OIC is always willing to reflect students’ opinions to improve the system. If there is any complaint, please contact the OIC,” Choi said.
Following the new website, the OIC is in the process of developing a mobile version of Eureka. The mobile version is optimized to be viewed on devices smaller than computers. The mobile website will provide main functions that students use often, including checking grades, seats for Chapel, and scholarships. An icon that links to the mobile webpage will be added to the established Ewha mobile application.

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