Major-related Community Service Contest held for first time
Major-related Community Service Contest held for first time
  • Huh Ryun-jung
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The school’s volunteer services team announced winners of the Major-related Community Service Contest on Sept. 21. Through the contest, seven teams were chosen out of 24 teams that applied. The winning teams will receive financial support and guidance from the university from September to February 2016.
The contest was open from Sept. 1 to 15 to all major-related community service programs organized by Ewha students that are either currently operating or will start their activities. Held for the first time this year, the contest aims to encourage students’ participation in community activities by using skills from their major studies.
“We wanted to promote major-related community service programs at Ewha,” said Jang Hee-jin from the school’s volunteer services team. “Also, the contest will give students the opportunity to apply what they have learned in their majors to actual society.”
Through the contest, teams from five different majors including Korean Language Education, Brain & Cognitive Sciences, Pharmacy, Human Movement Studies, and Special Education were selected.
As for the volunteer group from the Department of Korean Language Education, it will hold Korean writing sessions for multicultural students. Likewise, Ewha Sports Education Club from Human Movement Studies will teach students by holding physical education classes. The team from Brain & Cognitive Sciences will visit a children’s center and nursing homes to stimulate people’s brain activities through games.
Meanwhile, the two teams from the Department of Pharmacy, MS (Medical Society) and Salt Society, will provide free medical services to those in need. The two teams consisting of students majoring in Special Education will each launch programs for disabled children and their families and people with developmental disabilities in the local community.
As the contest focused on programs associated with students’ majors, applicants had to specify how their programs are related to  their majors, courses that they have taken, and the school curriculum. In addition, they had to explain how their programs will contribute to society.
Based on the submitted proposals, the volunteer services team selected groups based on the programs’ relation to the participants’ majors, the specificity and sustainability of the submitted plan, the number of team members, and plans to secure the budget.
For the seven selected teams, the school will fund up to one million won depending on the program. Also, school authorities will hold a meeting to instruct teams on using financial support from the school and examine the students’ community service programs.
In mid-December, the volunteer services team will conduct an interim evaluation to check the groups’ progress and see if the groups are carrying out their activities according to plan. In February, the teams will conclude their projects by submitting a report on the outcome of their community service programs.

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