Pfeiffer Hall undergoes complete renovation
Pfeiffer Hall undergoes complete renovation
  • Kim Hye-won
  • 승인 2015.09.22 19:44
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A complete renovation of Pfeiffer Hall was finished on Aug. 24 after two months of construction. The construction replaced the infrastructure of various facilities and office devices in the building, and relocated the major administrative offices.
The primary reason for initiating the renovation was due to general deterioration of the facilities.
“It has been around 80 years since Pfeiffer Hall was first established,” said Ryu Ji-yeon, an official from the Office of Facilities Maintenance. “Thus, many facilities were highly deteriorated. For example, numerous cases of water leaks have been reported. Many officials agreed that updating the power system and various facilities was in urgent need.”
The old air conditioning units and heating equipment were discarded and replaced by gas type air conditioning units and a heating system, which are more energy-efficient. Around 200 fluorescent light bulbs were replaced with LED lights in order to improve lighting and conserve energy.
Because the building’s roof, made out of wood and copperplate, was vulnerable to insulation, insulation reinforcement construction was also done.
Due to many complaints about ineffective partitions used in the office area, the office environment was rearranged to have more open-space, for better cooperation and communication among workers.
In addition to the renovation, several administrative offices of central administrative agencies, including the Academic Affairs team and the Research team from Ewha University-Industry Collaboration Foundation, were moved from their previous locations to Pfeiffer Hall.
According to an official from the Office of Coordination and Planning, the purpose of the relocation was to enhance business efficiency by integrating major administrative offices into one building and promoting more active communication between departments.
The renovation of Pfeiffer Hall, however, is still not fully complete.
“As a part of a state-subsidized business, we will begin another construction work for a general renovation of the building’s facade,” Ryu said. “The construction will be carried out this semester and continue on to the following winter vacation.”

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